Our Mission Statement

Anderson Heritage Electric is dedicated to leading the industry in the Mesquite, Nevada area through outstanding service with a quality product and service. We are committed to providing a lifetime of quality service for our customers, while offering professional and financial opportunities for our employees and a strong market presence for our company.

Anderson Heritage Electric Inc. in Mesquite, NV offers home electrician, commercial/business electrical installations, public lighting installation, and underground electrical wiring services

Who We Are: Anderson Heritage Electric

A Company Like No Other

Since 1989, Anderson Heritage Electric has set the standard for cutting-edge Commercial and Residential construction. Heritage Electric is distinguished by its commitment to providing safe, quality, full-service electrical needs to the Virgin Valley and beyond.

Whether it's municipality, a power utility, cooperative, federal agency or private entity, all Anderson Heritage Electric's customers are treated equally with our promise of performance and safety at a fair price.

Our expertise and experience is found on all of our commercial, residential, and underground projects, whether it's new or old, we get it done right!